Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Kansas City

Mr. Motorcycle likes to say that we are in Kansas City. I have no problem saying that we are living in Missouri. I think there are some territorial issues there since he's from Kansas ;). Anyway, we've enjoyed two gorgeous summer days and then today we've had a beautiful rain storm.

I've enjoyed teasing Mr. Motorcycle that he has pregnancy envy. When I mentioned to him that I was having a funny little toe problem, all of a sudden he had one, too! (He claims he had it before but never thought to mention it...) Then, once I started sleeping with a body pillow, I noticed Mr. Motorcycle using an extra pillow for cushioning, too. And I'm not sure I even want to speculate about what will happen once I'm in labor!

Both of us have really been enjoying this time of culmination to becoming parents and are now starting to feel a little bit of a crunch with about 3 months left. One of our most urgent desires is to find names! It seems like such a big task, but everyone else makes it through and I just keep telling myself that so will we :)- I'm sure it won't be the biggest parenting issue we'll face!

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