Thursday, June 03, 2010

Back from Tanzania

Mr. Motorcycle got back Tuesday evening from Tanzania, safe and sound with bags intact. :) Always an impressive feat! After taking yesterday off, he's back to the office today. He'll soon be posting some details about his trip and the meetings he had and what we are looking forward to in future ministry.

We are nearing our due date and have most things prepared at this point (yeah right, can you ever REALLY be prepared to have a baby?). Oh yeah... we still need names!

Other than that, life goes on as normal. I have helped deliver two babies since being here in Kansas City. Both births went really well, which is always a blessing. The second one was last Friday. It's neat being pregnant myself, I see births slightly differently than I did before. I'm sure that will change again afterwards.

More news when we have some!


P.S. Thanks for praying- Mr. Motorcycle was sleeping much better by the end of his trip and is resting and catching up well now that he's back.

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