Thursday, May 27, 2010

From Tanzania

I heard from Mr. Motorcycle yesterday. Please pray as he mentioned that he's only sleeping 2-3 hours a night and getting progressively more exhausted! However, all else seems to be going well. Here is an excerpt from an email from Mark- whom Mr. Motorcycle is travelling with:

Tomorrow is our last day in Arusha before heading back up to Nairobi on Saturday morning. We have had an awesome week. Thank you so much for your prayers for us - we have definitely sensed that God has been going before us and preparing the way.

A lot of good things have happened this week, but today Mr. Motorcycle and I met with Paul, of the Church in the west-central region (you will have to look at a map of Tanzania to know where that is). It is a non-denominational church in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania. But, there are very few churches of any kind in this region of Tanzania.

Paul had re-arranged his schedule to travel 11 hours over VERY rough roads to come and meet us in Arusha. We met with him for about 7 hours - just sharing, dreaming and praying about what might come from our partnership in Tanzania. At the end of the day we drove back across town together to meet with Joseph, of Compassion International in Tanzania. He is the one who arranged the contact with Paul for us. I met Joseph on my visit last November. He was so excited to see this partnership coming together and we had a good time praying together for the Lord's blessing on this great adventure for Him.

This was a very critical meeting for us and I sensed as the day unfolded that something very special happened today. I think that when some day in the future (by God's grace) we will look back on this day and say it started right here.

Thank you so much for your prayers for us. Pray as we travel by bus for 6 hours or so on Saturday that the Lord will give us protection and safety on the road. Monday night, Lord willing, we will be winging our way home.

Mark (& Mr. Motorcycle)

*This is an excerpt from our Update Letter.  For more information, please email and ask to be added to our list.

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Different Eyes said...

It's good to see you wholeheartedly embracing Church Planting! You probably know that AIC is the daughter of AIM, who have an amazing base at Kijabi, just outside Nairobi. Peace and provision to your calling! Nigel