Thursday, May 20, 2010

Greetings from a drenched and well washed Kansas City, MO

Dear Family and Friends

Things have been a bit crazy here in the KC area with rain. KC International Airport reported just over five inches of rain in one evening! We have had many more inches since then. In spite of feeling a little soggy, things are going very well. Stephanie and I have just finished a great trip of reconnecting with family and loved ones who have supported us in various capacities in the past. On this trip we also had many speaking engagements where we shared the direction of our lives with ministry. Stephanie is preparing her nest as we are making ready for Peanut to arrive somewhere around the end of June or first of July. At this point we don't know whether Peanut is a he or a she, we are waiting to find out. As spring has arrived we have enjoyed last Saturday out garage saleing looking for baby clothes and other related items. I am in the process of preparing for a survey trip to Tanzania with our Director Mark, leaving this Thursday, the 20th of May. On this trip Mark will introduce me to any contacts he has in Nairobi, Kenya, as well as Arusha, Tanzania, and we are wanting to meet other people that may be helpful. Among these contacts is a Bishop for a church in Tanzania. These contacts are very important as the relationships and partnerships that we forge now will help us to operate our ministry in Tanzania later. Thank you all for your prayers and support. Below I have added a list of prayer requests for this upcoming trip.

1. That Stephanie would be protected in my absence
2. That Mark and my schedule would be protected for our entire trip and that we could make all of our meetings
3. That we would have travel mercies
4. That British Airways would not go on strike.
5. Grace at all boarder crossings
6. opportunities to share the gospel while traveling
7. Strength, Energy, Wisdom and Discernment in all things and all meetings.
8. That our flights would not disturbed by ash from the volcano activity in Iceland.

Mr. Motorcycle

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