Thursday, May 13, 2010


Now I know this has nothing to do with missions, but...

I find it interesting to (as a midwife) observe myself unavoidably nesting. It started somewhere in the middle of our 12 day trip from Kansas City through Ohio and Pennsylvania and back. I found myself sitting the car thinking of all the things I needed to get done before the baby comes and (though there was nowhere to do these things) almost feeling agitated to get them done! Only since we've been back from California a week ago have I been able to give in to these urges.

I have my diapers and covers ordered, Mr. Motorcycle and I went garage saleing and bought a bunch of clothes and must haves, and now I'm off to buy laundry detergent to get them all washed and ready.

It's funny to know that you are acting out of hormonal impulses, but to not hardly be able to avoid them in any case!

So, off to finish nesting- now all we still need are names...

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