Wednesday, December 12, 2012

We are here!

After a week's vacation with Mr. Motorcycle's sister (who graciously volunteered to help us move to Tanzania), we are in Dar es Salaam weaving our way through government offices and meetings.  Actually, truth be told, I'm getting snacks, playing games, running around, doing laundry and cooking while Mr. Motorcycle is out all day.  Please pray for him!  

It is expensive to live in Dar, even at a guesthouse, so we are hoping to only be here another couple days before moving to Arusha (where it is both cheaper and we can more effectively look for a vehicle).  The internet is up and down, but we are thankful the power has been on since it has been very hot and humid here and with the rains beginning.  

There has been a kurfuffle with work permits as maybe six months ago someone was forging them and it sounds like all work permits have been recalled.  They are allowing people to stay in country and even travel with permission or perhaps an old work permit number, but they have not been issuing new work permits.  So, pray for us to have wisdom with this.

Even without the work permit it sounds as though we will be able to get a TIN number to purchase a vehicle fairly easily and then Mr. Motorcycle is trying to meet with a guy tomorrow about getting a driver's license and this afternoon about trying to get a work permit number to function with.  

It looks as thought our original hope to get to Zambia with our own vehicle and bring our stuff across the border on our work permit before language school in January is a pipe dream and won't be happening.  

That is about it for now.  It was really fun to see B really enjoying the Zanzibarian kids at the ocean and in town last week- he attracted a crowd and barely noticed that they didn't speak English.  :)  Now that we are somewhere with internet we will try to keep you posted!

Stephanie for the Family

*ahem* Thank you Aunt M for letting me steal your photos- someday I'll get mine downloaded, but I have truly learned the value of documenting your life on an iPhone- duly noted!

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