Friday, December 28, 2012

Mr. Motorcycle's head

Oh for Pete's sake!  15 minutes after B is supposed to be down he appears over the top of his door- looking down from the top bunk.  We had him corralled up there other days, but he had chosen to sleep on the bottom bunk, so Mr. Motorcycle went in to set him straight.  Well, in getting B in the dark, Mr. Motorcycle hit his head on the ceiling fan blade.  We did the best we could with alcohol pads and witch hazel on a q-tip.  I would have liked to suture it, but it was the middle of the night, not an emergency, and the pharmacies around would have been closed.  So, we cleaned it out and put antibiotic cream on it.  It approximates well, but is deeper than I like.  In fact, it's hard to know how deep because I don't have any instruments- minus the q-tip we found in Mr. Motorcycle's overnight bag…  Of course in Mr. Motorcycle's "1st aid kit" all I found was expired pepto bismal, aleve, triple antibiotic cream, one huge pair of gloves and 2 gauze pads.  See anything missing?  There aren't even any freaking bandaids!  Pastors of HCC, you are lucky none of you had any medical emergencies when travelling with Mr. Motorcycle to Tanzania a couple of years ago... this is the same 1st aid kit from then!

The really nice thing is that it approximates well and stopped bleeding quickly.  I'm sure he's going to have a doozy of a headache in the morning, but we've been keeping him up on Tylenol.  After getting it all cleaned up and creamed he decided we should shave it and try to stick packing tape to his head…  I'm still looking in my bags to see if I can find a couple bandaids- op, there is one that will work!  

Here is his head, please pray for it.  Hah.  That would have made a better opening line.  But, seriously, it's dirty here.  The fan blade (nobody ever cleans fan blades) cut him pretty deep inside his head.  There was only so much we could do with what we had.  I will try and find some steri strips tomorrow since it will be too late to suture, even if I could find all the materials needed.  We may put him on a course of antibiotics prophylactically.  Please pray against infection!

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