Saturday, August 18, 2012

Kansas City Training

Two weeks down, one more to go.  The last 2 weeks have been packed full.  The first week was spent with Strengthening Your Interpersonal Skills (SYIS).  SYIS is a workshop week that is offered to many different mission organizations to prepare their people for communication on the field as well as in their teams.  Some components we interacted over were: improving listening skills, dealing with conflict and helping others deal with conflict, dealing with grief and helping others deal with grief.  

Last week we spent a lot of time going over the first half of Acts and gleaning from Paul's unique blend of methodology and following the Spirit.  For those of you always looking for a new book- here was one of our prep books.  We will continue more on that next week.  We also had some great beginnings of conversation about field work, team strategy, and expectations.  

 The boys are doing great with the devoted children's staff and we are so thankful!  You can continue to pray that they will do well this final week.  And for B's transition as my parent's home sold while we were away and we will be in a new house with shared space the end of this month.  Please pray that each team member would take to heart what the Lord is impressing on them and allow Him to shape their expectations.  We had a really good conversation with missionaries with overseas experience (like ourselves) that first week and collectively felt that it was so important to have this training before going on the field.  However, there is only so much you really understand until you have the context of being in ministry.  There will be more training later, but it will be interesting to see what each member gains from this initial time of training.  

Thank you so much for your interest and prayers for us and our team!

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