Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Where is my June?

Was my June.  Did you know it is July already?  B turned 2 on Friday and I lost track of time after that!

We had a wonderful 3 1/2 weeks traveling last month.  We spoke in three churches that we have been involved with in both Colorado and Kansas, were commissioned with the team at a Church in Colorado, and got to visit with numerous friends and supporters along the way.  Not to mention our four day getaway to Mr. Motorcycle's parents' cabin (cut short by his Mom having a heart attack way up in the mountains- don't worry, they say she will recover completely and she's doing great).  Besides, it gave us extra time with his sister, brother, and sister-in-law in Colorado Springs where we attempted to get Marla to sit down long enough to recover!  Nurses make the worst patients. ;)

We enjoyed our week in Mr. Motorcycle's hometown with B sitting on every piece of heavy equipment and in every truck the extended family owned!  Not to mention a very memorable time of exploring his aunt's Flight for Life helicopter before leaving the Springs.  

Along the way I picked the brains of many currently and previously homeschooling moms and promised to add them to my list of homeschooling resources.  If you would like to be added to the list, please let me know- I'd love to be able to get new ideas and answers to questions once I'm in Tanzania. 

Our third full week began with our Father's Day weekend commissioning.  I'm afraid I don't have a picture for you, but will see if I can find one because it was a very unique and cool idea.  Scott and Cassie were introduced as new FBC missionaries that weekend.  It was the culmination of many months of candidate work for them and was exciting to be able to celebrate them with the church.  

The entire team was invited to be a part of the service and as they explained the work we will be doing, the Pastor brought us up to the front and had us stand inside a circle of rope.  On cue we picked up the rope and ushers and members of the staff brought ropes from the back of the church, up all the aisles, and carabinered (is that a word?) onto our circle.  Then, the congregation was invited to grasp onto the rope and physically connect with us as they prayed over our team and commissioned us all to the work we will be doing.  

Watching people move towards the aisles to grab the rope it was like seeing cells joining together into an organism in a biology project.  And... it reminded me of how Christ says we are to be one body with many members, moving together.  It was a beautiful representation.  

Following that we had a full week of training at the church.  This was their first time putting on a training at this level for a missions team, but we were so blessed to be taught and to have their resources available to us.  Most of the pastors and many of the staff encouraged us with devotionals and teaching.   The Missions Director, and her husband provided much of the training for the week.  Without my notes I would say that two full days were spent on conflict and resolution- which many of you know is the number one reason missionaries leave the field.  

The little boys did great with great staff and volunteers who kept them busy inside and out while we were in class- thank you so much for your prayers!  

After a full week of getting the royal treatment (dessert two times a day- I'm afraid B is going to be completely spoiled!), we headed out to a cabin near Leadville for  a few days of R&R and team time.

We are so thankful to have been able to catch up with so many people we don't get to see very often and to have been around to help with Mr. Motorcycle's Mom's heart issue.  This past weekend we packed up our stuff and moved from the missionary house we've been renting into my parent's old house where we will reside until it sells.

Please continue to pray for team finances as we are still a few percentages off from the necessary amount to get us to Avant's team training in August.  We are trusting the Lord will bring in the funds so we can continue to plan for a Fall departure for Tanzania!

Thank you for your encouragement as some days it feels like we are moving at a snail's pace.  :)  You help us to take that next step.

Stephanie for the the family

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