Monday, July 04, 2011

This week...

We celebrated B's first birthday with family, dinner, cake, and presents.

We hosted an early dinner for the three candidates in the application process who have finished their first interview and are on their way to Avant's Candidate Orientation Program for two weeks.

We communicated with another applicant who feels the Lord has strongly been pulling her in the direction of our team for several months.

We witnessed B's first real word and true walking.

We are praying for some friend's whose baby son is having heart surgery among other complications.

We are trying to figure out why it is so hard to report on Stateside ministry versus overseas ministry.

We are getting Mr. Motorcycle's cap redone and glued in for the upteenth time in the past six months!

We are making a renewed effort at communication- at which neither of us are disciplined enough to excel.

We are enjoying beautiful weather.

We figured out how to post powerpoints on our blog- and consequently, pdfs (aka our newsletters without huge revisions)!

We would like to meet with you and pray for what God has in store- for this team, for this church, for everyone connected to this church plant, for the Traveler people, and for you!

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