Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Wow, what great food!

We're back in Kansas City again... but just for a week.

We were blessed to stop off in Colorado to spend Mr. Motorcycle's Dad's 60th birthday as a family before ending up here at Avant Ministries headquarters. It's nice to be back- everyone is amazed at how much bigger and active Brogan is now compared to at just over two months when we left! The most incredible thing, however, is how much we are enjoying this Leadership Training week Avant is hosting for team leaders. I remembered thinking, "How much can you learn about leadership in only one week?" But, we are only two days in and have gleaned so much from these last two packed days! It's also so valuable to hear the experiences and feedback from the other two couples- one going to France and the other to Italy- and a couple others sitting in on the sessions. It really is wonderful to receive such rich food- stuff we will be digesting and putting into practice for years as we begin to lead this team to Tanzania.

We wish you could all be here to learn along with us, but we promise that if you join our team we will do our best to model these principles... and then it will be almost as if you had come along! ;) So, who wants to go plant a reproducing church in Tanzania..?

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