Saturday, January 01, 2011

Heri za Krismas [Swahili], Wishing You the Blessedness of Christmas

December 2010
Dear Friends and Family,
We can hardly believe we are finishing out the year already! B is nearly six months, getting ready to crawl, and closing in on 20 pounds. Well, I guess I didn’t get this letter out fast enough- he started crawling this week! :)

Mr. Motorcycle has been busy at the church helping to put on the Highlands Community Church (HCC) World Outreach Conference last month and is now preparing for a vision trip with leaders from HCC to actually go and see the city where we'll be living in Tanzania and meet some Traveler people. Since moving here mid-September we have met a few interested couples who are in different stages of seeking the Lord about possibly joining our Tanzania team, so please continue to pray with us. Sometimes this undertaking seems so daunting, but we are sure that if the Lord is behind it then we will watch Him complete miraculous tasks.

As for Stephanie, I feel privileged to stay home with B most of the time. I often find myself editing Mr. Motorcycle’s pamphlets and helping in other areas of communication, including occasional speaking. Mr. Motorcycle and I spent a few Sundays painting a picture (figuratively, thank goodness) of what life and Christmas looks like in Tanzania for the children’s Sunday school classes at HCC and also spoke for the adult Life Stage classes and the High School small groups.

This year we are looking forward to the ways God wants to stretch our faith. From expecting God to raise up team members to watching our support get closer to 100% to our ventures in parenting and hopeful anticipation of leaving for Tanzania, we feel like there is a lot God has prepared for us to grow in 2011.

So, we are trying to start with a commitment to pray. We are setting aside an hour each week (once B’s asleep) for corporate prayer and opening it up in case anyone wants to join us. Feel free- no rsvp required and we’ll provide hot drinks Thursdays at 8pm at our house.

One area we are already seeing God at work is through the lives of people at HCC. Individuals were challenged to consider how much they normally spend for Christmas, to buy less than they planned and to invest the rest in strategic giving. This Christmas Highlands offered an opportunity for contributing towards digging a well for the Traveler people. This will be our first opportunity to offer ‘Living Water’to this community, with many more to come once we move there.

It is encouraging to hear from different people how God is challenging them to get involved in reaching to their neighborhoods, communities, and even cross-culturally. We see that as God’s heart for Christmas. He reached out across all cultures and invited us to know His Son, Jesus. That through Him we might know God, Himself. And be part of His family forever.
We pray that you may reveal in the joy Christ brings us this season.

Mr. Motorcycle & Stephanie

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