Friday, March 18, 2011

In Tanzania!

Hello from B and I in Washington!

Well, all the funds were successfully raised, the guys took off and I received word last night that they arrived safely in Tazania! Praise the Lord. Please keep them in your prayers as they continue to travel, meet people, and look for divine leading as to where to begin with the church plant.



P.S. Mr. Motorcycle asked if I would forward the below note from him before he left... oops!

Family and Friends
I just wanted to send out a quick note to each of you as I prepare for this trip to Tanzania on Tuesday the 15th with my survey team. I am very excited about what God wants to do among the Traveler people and even more excited that our Creator has asked us to be part of that plan. I would like to ask for your prayers specifically in several areas.
First-I have had a run of things the last couple of weeks as far as colds etc and there have been many other things going around the office such as bronchitis. Please pray for the health of each team member. Also pray for my health as I have not been feeling 100% for a while.
Second-As all of you are aware we are part of a cosmic spiritual battle and the only way to defeat our adversary is through prayer. Please pray that my team would have a hedge of protection build around us so that we can boldly go to accomplish what God is sending us out to do.
Third-Our eyes and hearts be opened to what God is doing currently and wanting to do in the near future among the Traveler people. Pray that we can see what Gods plan is for the Travelers rather than us trying to formulate a human plan.
And lastly for travel conditions. We will be traveling extensively in the Western Province of Tanzania via MAF (Mission Aviation Fellowship), which will be utilizing grass and dirt runways. We will also be utilizing local ground transport. Under normal circumstances there should be no trouble with this however we have just started the long rainy season, which means a lot of rain. Please pray that the weather will hold in a way that no roads will be washed out and that we can fly as well as take off and land on the bush runways without any trouble.

Thank you all so much for your prayers. Included at the bottom of this email is a website address for the Traveler church work and we will be trying to update live from the field as we can over the next two weeks.
In His Grip

Mr. Motorcycle
Tanzania website:

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