Saturday, November 20, 2010

The Moment We Have All Been Waiting For...

Is here!

Yeah! We have been busy preparing and now we are coming to the end of Missions Conference Week here at Highlands Community Church.
Today we attended a seminar by Frontiers' Mike Latsco on Engaging the Unengaged (People) which was such an impactful topic.

Tomorrow we look forward to sharing with the different Life Group classes in the morning and then making our *big announcement* in the evening (6-7:30pm followed by dessert) preceded by Dr. Jack Elwood- the President of Avant Ministries.

We are excited and ready for this. The past two months we have been sharing one-on-one and in a few small groups, waiting for this moment when we share on a larger scale. As you can see from the pictures, Mr. Motorcycle and the Missions people at HCC have been hard at work preparing for this event.

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